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Smooth, digital experience for clients to upload tax documents directly – on your own branded mobile app

With the HubSync app, your clients can send you everything simply by using their mobile device. No scanning, downloading, uploading or paper copies sent in by snail mail.


Mobile app

Every firm gets their own branded app! The HubSync mobile app keeps your clients connected and allows them to do more from their mobile device or tablet.

Seamless sign in 
Quickly add documents 
Search filter 
Progress updates 
Real-time chat with your CPA firm
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Seamless sign in using Face ID

After users sign in for the first time, they can use Face or Finger ID to fast-track sign-in going forward.

Fast access to Settings > My Profile also allows users to change personal information, update password, and select a custom color scheme.


Scan and upload documents using your phone’s camera

Easily add any type of document. The mobile app gives you the ability to take single or multiple pictures and upload them as a PDF to the HubSync file system.


Easily drop documentation into this year’s folder

In both the Home and Files screen, you will find a + button where you can create a new folder, upload documents, and use your phone’s camera to add even more documents, pictures and more.


Easily track your progress

The home screen acts as a dashboard, providing a list of all of your documents and a real-time progress bar so you know just what else is needed.


Search and access multiple workspaces

Once logged in, you can see which workspaces you have access to, and by selecting any of them, you will have access to the home screen.


Fast access to files, and sort by type

If you choose your Files module, you will have access to a more complete list of files with the ability to easily search by free text and the option to filter by file type.

Once you find the file you want, easily edit files as well as access more information about them.


Search functionality

Quickly find what you are looking for by using our search functionality (text or voice). Easily search by file name, or with a more advanced search and combine filters such as document type, PDF, Excel, or Image.


Real-time chat with your CPA firm

Use the HubSync mobile chat feature to message your CPA firm in real time to get questions answered quickly and efficiently.

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