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Batch Extension Functionality

Each year, CPA firms prepare 1,000s of extensions and are often bottlenecked close to the deadlines, requiring a shift in resources away from tax return preparation. Preparing extensions within compliance software takes time to individually open, prepare, and submit.

But now, with HubSync’s Batch Extension feature, firms can prepare extensions in batch well ahead of the deadlines to alleviate time and constraints close to the deadline, saving countless hours and money.

Firms using the HubSync suite have even more benefits to automate the process with visibility into workflow statuses and delivering the extension filing instructions and payment vouchers directly to the taxpayers via their client workspace.


Easy integration

We play real well with others. HubSync pulls the data from other tax prep software systems to track all e-filings in one location. This saves significant time and money for the firms with quick reporting and fast access to client information. Simple integrations that can be used for the e-filing of original and amended returns.


New capabilities

Additionally, our modern tool allows users to quickly cancel signature with one click as well as resend any letter for signature, if needed. All 8879's are automatically stored in client workspaces that provides quick access to one-click document previews.


Real time insights

HubSync's 8879 Dashboards allow easy access to personalized analytics, sorted by more than 20 categories some of which includes:

Current status

Total number of 8879’s office

Submitted to IRS

Taxpayer/ preparer name

Days outstanding

And so much more

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