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The full suite of HubSync solutions gets you all the tools you need to collaborate, integrate and communicate with your team & your clients.
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The HubSync Advantage

Engagement Letter Wizard

HubSync allows you to send thousands of customizable Engagement Letters (or any standardized document) with just one click. Our functionality includes the ability to:

Send letters in bulk

Track the status of signatures

Automatically stores signed letters

One-click client search for access

Downloadable PDF on Demand, and so much more

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Data Collection / PBC

Gathering individual and entity data is so much easier and gets auto-populated into one place, the right place!

Our HubSync capabilities simplify a historically manual and burdensome necessity, freeing up time and allowing firms to focus on maximizing their expertise.

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Workflow Tracking

Use HubSync to track any tax returns or engagements. Or, grab direct tax return status updates from various workflow products, directly within HubSync, in real-time

Update Thomson Reuters' FirmFlow in bulk by the thousands and save time with workflow updates and annual rollovers

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HubSync allows firms to quickly and easily send important forms to clients for their authorized e-Signatures. Our capabilities include:

Ability to track the status signatures in real time

Automatically store and quickly find signed documents

Download on-demand

Cancel signatures with one-click

On-demand preview

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HubSync reads data directly from tax return preparation electronic filing modules to track the status of all uploaded and submitted returns and extensions in one location. With personalized views, practitioners can easily see the status of each jurisdiction and form by status. And with HubSync's write back capabilities, automating the release of these forms saves significant time

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Client Portal / Document Delivery

HubSync provides a space to collaborate electronically with clients. In HubSync, firms can:​

Share files with clients in a secure, online environment

Receive immediate notifications of all activity in any workspace

Utilize messaging capability with clients or within teams

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Planning & Analytics

HubSync provides unlimited visualizations of business intelligence data​. As we like to say, if you can think it, we can create it! 

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HubSync Gateway

HubSync Gateway levels the playing field for all firms.
Our all-in-one platform:

provides access to a customized digital platform

allows clients easy access to their engagement team

utilizes real-time messaging and

custom industry & firm news feeds for smartly targeted information to the right end user

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