Planning & Analytics

"If you can think it, we can create it"
- HubSync CEO, John McGowan

Transform the way your professionals work and the client experience you provide. Designed to integrate into your current technology, HubSync revolutionizes  business intelligence data and provides a platform that enables you to plan for your firm’s growth.

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Unlimited Choices

Comprehensive widget library

Our list of available widget is only limited by your imagination. Here are the current favorites:

KPI Cards

Range Sliders

Period over Period

Heat Maps


What can I do with all this information?

Our most innovative firms utilize these analytics in their proactive partnerships with their clients. Firms can monitor, by office, partners, or status:

Tax returns


Uploaded and released tax returns to authorities

Electronic documents and engagement letters

Further, firms can monitor and review activity:

By internal and external users

Tax Organizers delivered to clients and progress updates


Powerful analytics and insights

HubSync combines secure data acquisition and collaboration, real-time reporting and analytics with the ability to drill down into data, and built-in visualizations to reveal valuable insights.

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