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Track tax returns and eFile status in real time, in one place.

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All in One Place

HubSync pulls data directly from tax return preparation software’s electronic filing modules to track all electronic filings in one central location.

With personalized views, firm users can easily see the status of returns and extensions by year, type, preparer, jurisdiction, and status.


Deep Drill Down Functionality

With HubSync’s eFile Dashboard, users have the ability to visualize the electronic filing data in real-time in a variety of ways.

HubSync offer’s the ability to filter or drill down in any visual to a more detailed view within the same dataset. In addition, all visuals provide one-click access to the underlying data!


e-File Automation

HubSync allows for bi-directional integration to the third-party tax preparation electronic filing modules. Firms can automate the filing of returns and extensions directly from HubSync. The moment the 8879 is signed, the return can be submitted to the IRS and/or states automatically!



Significant reduction in time spent tracking electronic filing statuses

More users have visibility without needing access to the EFS product

Provides efficiency and cost savings with automating eFile releases upon 8879 receipt

No more outdated exports!

Ability to cross reference the eFile status with the workflow status (with HubSync’s workflow tracking module) to eliminate time spent around deadlines ensuring all client returns/ extensions and jurisdictions are correctly filed

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