Biohacking, Happy Wives & Mental Resets

October 16, 2023

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In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "the first wealth is health". And as a long-time back pain sufferer, this quote resonates with me and I agree that without good health, everything else is a distant second. My family and I are all really health minded (fun fact, we also own the sculp'd pilates and med spa here in our hometown of Alexandria, VA) so I wanted to share my latest, favorite health apps that help me fuel my day.

ThinkUp - After a long day, I like to "get out of my head" and shift my mindset. After a lengthy search, I found ThinkUp to be a great tool for daily affirmations that really relaxes and helps me to re-center myself for a calm family night. Calm is also an app I use for meditation as part of my morning routine.

Strides - If you know anything about me, you know I love to set a goal and then meet, or even better, surpass them. I have daily goals for hydration, nutrition, supplements, working out and even sleep! After trying different apps, I like Strides the best. I love how is easily syncs over my devices, integrates directly with Apple Health for exercise, calories, etc., puts all my goals in one place, helps me solidify and track my habits. Am I competitive? Yes I am! And this app helps me stay motivated and accountable with streak goals for each habit.

Meal & Water Tracking - myFitnessPal + Waterminder + HealthFace - I track my water and food on a daily basis. myFitnessPal has been my go to app for meal tracking for a long time (Lifesum is my runner up). It has the largest catalog of food and it is easy to log meals via your phone camera and other methods. Waterminder has a great Apple Watch app to track water intake. The HealthFace Apple Watch app allows me to view my macros, exercise activity, weight (via Withings scale integration), blood pressure throughout the day.

Carol Bike - My wife calls herself a biohacker. She loves to say "smarter, not harder" and uses technology and new information to achieve this. She is also very persuasive and convinced me to buy a pricey stationary bike that promises to "Get You Fitter Faster". Carol is an AI powered bike that you use for 5 minutes a day (NOT a typo), 3x week that delivers very impressive results. Using science, this ReHIT workout makes lots of promises. Did I pay a lot to workout less? Yes I did but happy wife, happy life right? We also love our Mirror for boxing, kettlebell, yoga and other workouts - she convinced me to buy that too. :)

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