Purple Porsches & Reid Hoffman

August 28, 2023

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Enjoy the below tips from John McGowan, HubSync CEO.


Outlook Plugin I've tested - Mail Butler has all the features you would expect from an email productivity app - email tracking, cool signatures, Send Later, Snooze emails, templates, etc. They even recently integrated built-in AI Smart Assistant to help with drafting emails and replying. Works across Mac and Windows and integrates with Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail.

What I am Listening To - When I read the following quote from Reid Hoffman, Host of Masters of Scale and Founder of LinkedIn, I knew I found a kindred spirit.

“Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down.”

The Masters of Scale podcast is a weekly podcast who's declared mission is to democratize entrepreneurship and believe entrepreneurship is a mindset that can be learned over time. Most are @ 30 minutes long and are perfect for my short commute or long bike rides. I get inspired and learn something new all the time. It is worth checking out.

What I am Reading - My wife is a voracious reader and absolutely loved "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight. Then the movie "Air" came out and after seeing it, I knew I finally had to finish this book she was always raving about.

Shoe Dog has a lot to offer for anyone thinking of starting a business, but I liked how it reminded me that my entrepreneurial journey is similar to many others who have ventured down this road with its bumps and imperfections. And to follow your calling, no matter how crazy it might be. I love Phil Knight but still don't see myself driving a purple Porsche. A Carolina Blue Bronco maybe, but not a purple car.

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Phil Knight's famous purple Porsche

I am also reading Blitzscaling, written by Reid Hoffman and recommended by Bill Gates. Reid clearly knows what he talking about and shares the secrets to scaling massively successful companies.

Blitzscaling is a set of practices for igniting and managing huge growth. It prioritizes speed over efficiency and allows a company to go from "startup" to "scaleup" at a fast pace to capture the market. It's a great read and provides insight on how to navigate necessary shifts in strategy and weather management challenges that arise as a company grow. With HubSync's growth, I am applying these techniques inside my company with great success. I highly recommend you check out, and enjoy, these suggestions.

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