Client Master Data

Shared Client data is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describes the core entities of the enterprise including customers, prospects, citizens, suppliers, sites, hierarchies, and chart of accounts.​​

Synchronize data for:
Service Area
Fiscal Year

Tax Organizer /
PBC Requests

The HubSync Tax Organizer / PBC gathers all individual and entity data from clients and auto populates into the right places!
One-click Integration with the tax software to automatically generate a list of documents from prior year return data. For 1 or 1,000's of individual tax clients at a time
Clients complete a tax questionnaire that guides the process and tailors the experience to what is needed from each individual client
Quickly view the data as it is collected from clients
All documents collected are stored automatically in HubSync for easy retrieval
Smooth, digital client experience for clients to upload tax documents directly – via desktop or your own branded mobile app
All data is then integrated into our suite of custom, standardized Workpapers - the only comprehensive product on the market today! 
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Tax Return Workpapers

Currently Deployed – 1040, 1120, 1065
Coming 2023 – 1041, 1120S,  Int’l
A common platform to standardize the compliance process & training
Flexible design allows both small and large corporate returns to be prepared using the same workpapers
Taxable Income computations are integrated with trial balance mapping (1120 only)
Provides a 360-degree view of the return without opening the tax preparation software
Standard book/tax difference computations included
Elimination of redundant data entry with one touch, seamless integration with CCH Axcess, GoSystem Tax and OCR Scan products.
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